A New Life and a New Direction

13 Aug

Well now that I have told my sob story, I want to let you know what I am planning on for this blog.

I want this blog to become more of a record of my journey from grief to healing, from where I am to where I end up and from the tragedy of this year to the hope of the future.  Even the name of this blog has taken on a new meaning for me.  At first “From The Corner Of Two Dirt Roads” meant “the news from my home on the corner of two dirt roads”.  Now, “From The Corner Of Two Dirt Roads” is going to become more about my journey from my amazing life on this corner into the future.

Over the next few weeks you may see many changes in the appearance on this blog.  I will be changing around the categories and format and such.  I will also be posting some of the drafts that I was working on before.

Although I do not want it to become a place where I always go to cry and pout and stamp my foot and complain, I am sure I will do all of those things from time to time so please forgive me for that.  Saying “We” still seems to be normal for me.   It seems to me that time is now Before and After.  It seems that now it isn’t August 11, its 7 weeks and 3 days.

There are things that I am still going thru, like the fact that yesterday it became official.  We had our first visit from Hospice.  Mum was refereed on Thursday (7 weeks to the day) and they were right here.  I admit that it is a great relief for me.  I feel that now that it is not just me taking care of her, that she will get the care she deserves.  I am having a very hard time concentrating, paying attention to anything.  I don’t think I am doing a good enough job and the ladies of Hospice Home Care will help keep me on track and catch anything I miss.

There are also many things that I still need to do.  I have boxes of things to mail.  I have paper work to finish doing.  I need to go thru his shop and garage.  I have to print out pictures for the frames.  I need to clean up my studio and get rid of a lot of junk.  I need to mow the lawn again.  I need to get off the computer and going on some of this stuff!
This post has taken me several days to write and I am going to cut it off here so that I can hopefully write about a couple of things that have happened since I started this post.

Talk to you soon.

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