22 Apr

When I started this blog Ed said “Just don’t talk about me!”  I said “OK”

He said something funny.  I wrote it down (Ok so I typed it into my iPhone while laughing)

He said something else funny.  I typed it in again and he caught me.

He said “What are you doing?”  I said “I am going to use that on my blog”.  He said nothing, just shook his head.

I took his picture, turned it into an icon and showed it to him with several others.

I said “Which one do you like best?”  He said “Why”

“Because I am going to use it on my blog in a section I am going to call Quotes From Ed.  OK?”

He said “That one is ok.” while shaking his head.




Every once in a while, when I haven’t come up with, or, don’t have another post ready, you will hear wisdom from my husband.

Today’s quote is:

The man of my dreams

“You can’t fix stupid, but, you can numb it with a 2×4!”

Because we are working on a project with 2×4’s (Yes, I am taking Pictures!  LOL) and, we have  run into some pretty stupid people lately.
I hope you are all,
Laughing, Learning, Loving and Creating!!

Quotes from Ed

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