I love my bartender!

14 Apr

Oh no!!! Honey!  I havent had a drink all day long and it’s almost 10pm!

I say in Faux amazement, in the hopes that hubby will mix me a drink.

5 minutes later…

Now thats a glass of champagne

Is that what I think that is?

I say in amazement

Its Asti

Says the most amazing bartender in the world!

Just in cause you missed how wonderful my hubby is…  Today we went shopping.  4 Hours of shopping!  We had a blast!!  We went to the Health Food Store and found all kinds of fun stuff, We went to the Dream Shop or Honda of Russellville as most people call it then off to the Dollar General!

When we got home I realized How amazingly out of control my studio is.  I knew it was bad but My God!  You are not going to believe it when you see the before and after pictures in the next few days.  I am still working on getting the 2011 year in review post out of ever note.  I have tried putting it into Word then onto the blog… Still no luck… I have a few things I am going to try tonight but I just wanted to shout from the roof tops that…

I love my bartender!!

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