How I cook in an 8 foot square box

02 Apr

Well, Ed is driving down the interstate at 70 mph and I am sitting here trying to figure out what’s for dinner. Yeah I deal with this on the road just like I do at home.

So off to the bedroom/living room/kitchen I go…

Living space

My kitchen, my living room, my bedroom

And I dig thru the fridge… What there is of it…
The fridge

Wee little fridge

And the freezer….
Tiny freezer

Tiny freezer

And come out with turkey cutlets and green beans! Wooohoo!!

So out comes my faithful little Pyrex dish that just so happens to be the perfect size… I was so excited when Ed found this… And in go the cutlets. But wait… That looks really bland… So cooking genius that I am, I dump some of this yummyness into the dish…


Italian dressing

And now we have…
Turkey n dressing

Turkey n dressing

So into the oven it goes at 450 for 15 minutes…
450 for 15

Now we are cookin

Throw in the green beans into the microwave and when both of the dingers go off dinner is ready!!

Dinner is ready!

Now that dinner is over and the dishes are thrown out, let me show you around my kitchen…

You have met the fridg…

Once again...


And on the other side lives the microwave, in this truck anyway.This is all I had to cook with for the longest time. But let’s face it… No one can live on microwave cooking alone… And how many times can you go to Subway? As for other choices out here it’s “Grease in about an hour” (sit down restaurants) McGreasy’s, Greaser King or that little red headed Grease girl… Nooo thank you!! No wonder American truckers are some of the most unhealthy people you will ever meet! But thankfully with the work of groups like OOIDA and The Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) the word is being spread that you can heat healthy an get fit in a truck. It is something that I am working on too. Recently I hit my top weight and got really really ticked with myself. Enough of this. I am sick of hurting when I move. (yep every time I moved it felt like I had been stuffed in a washing machine for 8 hours!). So… Let’s just say I am working on not hurting… And yeah there is an app for this too but I’ll talk about that later!

Let me show you what has been added to my kitchen in the last 2 months.

It's tiny but it's mine

My truck kitchen

My oven!!! I am in love! I can cook anything in this puppy!! Toasted tuna sandwiches, fish, chicken, steak, and turkey!! I can’t wait to try roasting cauliflower! I call it my oven because toaster oven sounds so dorm roomish and I try to make this truck as much of a home as I can.

COFFEE!!!!! I love coffee!!!

And did I mention the Keurig coffee maker Ed bought me last week when we were in Cedar City UT? OMG!!!!!! It is perfect for the truck!! I can have any flavor I can lay my hands on from Kahlúa and hazelnut to teas and hot coco too!!! Woohoo!! Love love love!!!! Now Ed is talking about getting one of the big ones that you attach right to the water line to have at home!! I think the best part of having my kitchen setup with a coffee pot is that I don’t have to stop at truck stops for anything but showers now!! (that is the only thing that I haven’t found a way to squeeze into this truck!). Give me a rest area and a Wal-Mart for groceries every now and then and I am golden!! When we first started out my dad, knowing how I feel about my coffee, got us a 12volt coffee maker that I loved but it died long ago. I didn’t realize how much I missed it!

Well thats all there is to it! I cook in an 8 foot square box with a toaster oven and a microwave. Now my question for you… What would you cook in a toaster oven and microwave? Keeping in mind that I only have one glass dish, one wire rack and a roll of tinfoil for pots and pans and a dorm size fridg. I know all of you are very creative people do I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!!

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