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When I started this blog Ed said “Just don’t talk about me!”  I said “OK”

He said something funny.  I wrote it down (Ok so I typed it into my iPhone while laughing)

He said something else funny.  I typed it in again and he caught me.

He said “What are you doing?”  I said “I am going to use that on my blog”.  He said nothing, just shook his head.

I took his picture, turned it into an icon and showed it to him with several others.

I said “Which one do you like best?”  He said “Why”

“Because I am going to use it on my blog in a section I am going to call Quotes From Ed.  OK?”

He said “That one is ok.” while shaking his head.




Every once in a while, when I haven’t come up with, or, don’t have another post ready, you will hear wisdom from my husband.

Today’s quote is:

The man of my dreams

“You can’t fix stupid, but, you can numb it with a 2×4!”

Because we are working on a project with 2×4’s (Yes, I am taking Pictures!  LOL) and, we have  run into some pretty stupid people lately.
I hope you are all,
Laughing, Learning, Loving and Creating!!

Quotes from Ed

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OK… I know that a lot of you have probably already seen this Pin on Pinterest but a friend of Ed’s just posted this and he pointed it out to me. Let me tell you its a good thing I was sitting down!  This is the perfect example of something that I would have noticed and asked in my ever irreverent way, with as much sarcasm as I could manage!  So, of course, I just had to share it with all 3 of you that read this!


Made Me LOL

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Silver Box to Jewelry Display

Silver Box to Jewelry Display

At the beginning of March, we were home for about 10 days. We took an over night trip to Texas and then spent 3 days in Little Rock. Both of these trips are very directly related to that little bit of I can’t tell you yet from the last post. I am waiting to complete a really big personal step before I tell some very important people what I have been up to, and then I will tell the rest of the world. It is nothing earth shattering and most people won’t give a flip but it is important to me to finish this before I make a big deal out of it. So If you know what we were up to… Shhhhhh! LOL

On our way home from Little Rock, I convinced Ed to stop and the Habitat for Humanity Restore! Now, I am not lucky enough to have come across this store on a day when a contractor went out of business or a big old house was being renovated, or anything cool like that, but I did come across a couple of things that I thought had potential. The best of those items was this old sliver box. It was in rough shape, but hey, for $3 I could fix that!

I started out by ripping out the red lining. Someone had already started this for me.

As far as cleaning this puppy, I used vinegar to start out with. Then I saw what I thought was mold and just to be on the safe side I wiped it down with some bleach water. Wellllll… I’m not completely chem free… yet…

Of course as I was working and turning the box this way and that and scrubbing and scouring…the bottom fell out. Well crap…. sigh… oh well… I can fix that!

As it was sitting there drying and I am thinking about how to replace the bottom, a pin from Pinterest came to mind, and I thought “What if I…” I love those moments don’t you?

So I spray painted the poor old box.  I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures of that part of this whole thing. It may have something to do with my really truly amazingly poor spray painting ability. I really am lousy at it, but I think it turned out OK.  There are runs and bits where I didn”t exactly sand enough, and the paint beaded up on me, but I was going to distress it anyway. Come to find out if you suck at spray painting you don’t have much work to do when it comes to distressing! Who knew?

But anyway!

Off to the Big Blue hardware store I went, found what I was looking for right off the bat (it tunes out if you ask one of those people in the blue vests for what you are looking for, they usually take you right to it!! Who knew?) and home I came with my “radiator” cover sheet.

Lay the sheet down, place the box on top to measure, mark, cut, (Ed found me some old garden sheers) staple and there ya go.

OK. Here I must apologize. The floor in my craft room is hideous. Absolutely the most disgusting Indoor/outdoor “carpet” you could ever imagine. There is a long story as to why it is still here and maybe someday I will tell you but lets just say that soon this carpet is going to be gone and I am just going to have the bare concrete slab that is underneath. Why you might ask? Because soon we are going to start on the great Studio Re-Do Project. And when I say soon that means some time in the next 2 years or so. I still have a lot of thinking and designing to do, but I just don’t know how much longer I can stand this grossness in my space!

But back to the Box…

I picked up some material and picked out my combination and using some spray adhesive (Have you heard of this stuff? Its glue in a hair spray can!! Its amazing! Who knew? 😀 ) I attached the material to some foam board and inserted it into the top of the silver box.

Hummm now comes the part that had me scratching my head. Then my Mum comes along to check on my progress and sees me sitting there with a dumb look on my face. I told her I was trying to figure out how to make hooks to hang my necklaces from.  She just looked at me and said…



Gawd my Mum is so smart!! I pulled out some of the “T” pins I had and voila!

In this Photo you can really see how bad I am at spray painting! but like I said… it gives it that aged look… LOL

And here you have it! My reclaimed, Up-cycled, New Old Jewelry Display Case!


$4.83 for Material

$1.97 for foam board

$26.98 for sheet metal

Total $8.45 for About 1/4 of all materials used for this project

$3.00 for box

$4.89 for spray paint

Grand Total:

$16.34 and 1 afternoon!!

I kinda like it!  It isn’t big enough for all of my jewelry, but that just gives me more chances to try new things! Also, the foam board isn’t attached so I can pull it out and change out the colors any time! So what do you think?  Do you have any spray painting tips for me? How about the post it self? It is my first “Look what I did” post. How did I do? To many photos? Not enough?  (is my insecurity showing again?) Drop me a comment and let me know what you think!


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2011: The Good, The Bad and The Sad

I can’t say that 2011 was what I had hoped for. Thankfully, there were a couple of good things to balance out the bad.

January and February:

The Bad: We spent more time at home, bouncing between doctors, than on the road. When we were out on the road I wasn’t doing too much driving because I was having quite a lot of abdominal pain. It would have been a bit easier and less stressful if we had known what was causing it.

My Silly Phone Was Drunk

The Good: This was the first year where we had the chance to “go out” for New Years Eve! Hey, Evanston Wyoming may not be Time Square but we had a blast!  I also finally learned to crochet! I love books that have good sections for Lefties! I was really glad we were home as much as we were, so I could ask Mum tons of questions!


March and April

The Bad: No one could figure out what this pain was and I was terrified that it was cancer. It was only getting worse and Ed ended up going out on a few trips on his own. I hated every minute he was gone.

The Good: I had surgery in March to figure out what was going on in my gut. The surgery was just to poke around to see what they could see and they ended up removing some nasty scar tissue that was attached to my liver, large intestine and abdominal wall. Can you say OUCH!!! I did in several inventive ways every time I moved!! But it wasn’t cancer and they took it out and in a weeks time I was back on the road and saving up for…

May and June

Have to do the good first this time!

The Good: June 16 was our 10th anniversary and Ed took me on our first cruise!! It was heaven!! Unplugged, just me and him, no phones, no computers. Sigh… You see,  Ed has this habit of making my dreams come true, and with this one trip we counted up 5-6 that he got to check off the list!  It was so great that it deserves a post all on its own.

Yeah... I got to swim with the Dolphins

I got my engagement Ring! Its a Blue Diamond

The Bad:  At the end of June we found out my Step-Mum (from now on to be known as My Betts) had breast cancer. She whooped its butt and was fine by December but it was really scary! I had just found a lump too.


The Bad: I turned 40 in July. Enough said about that.

40... at least the day ended with a sign of hope

OK… hold on… it wasn’t all that bad… The night before my birthday we got to go out to dinner with Marian and Jim and we had a great time. Ed got me 6 roses and my very own fly fishing pole!!  I have fallen in love with fly fisin… someday I might even get “not bad” at it!!  And I got to make a cake for Mum and I too!

The Good: I also had my first mamosqueeze. I am forced to repeat myself here. OUCH! They saw the lump I found as well as two more, told me they thought they were just fibrous tumors but wanted me to come in for a biopsy and re-do the mamosqueeze in 6 months. Having had a fibrous tumor before and having heard the words “it’s probably not cancer, we are really not worried about it” as well as having other plans, I didn’t have the biopsy at that time.

(nope, no photos of this one! 😀 )


The Bad: We found out Ed had high blood pressure.

The Good: We planned a camping trip!


Again the good comes first: We went home to Maine on vacation!  Our friend Marian flew into Little Rock, we drove to Maine, had 3 days in a cabin in Baxter State Park right out side of where I grew up, drove south again and spent a day with “our” kids and the grand baby girls then drove home again.  Then we went back to work and took Marian in the big truck with us all the way back to California!  She had so much fun!  I don’t know what part she liked best, Maine or the Truck!  We also bought a boat from my dad and that means I got to check off one of Eds dreams!  [OMW!!!!  I was just reading this out loud to Ed to see how silly it sounds and he said… didn’t you quit smoking in September?  How could I have forgotten that in September, I did one of the hardest, smartest things in my life!!]

Irene wants to come too!

Me n My Dad

true love to cow butts

The Bad: Hurricane Irene Wanted to go camping too. We were rained out the first night and almost lost out on the second night in the park because of Hurricane Irene, the first ever hurricane to do damage in the park. Naturally!


The Good: We took a quick road trip to California to by a motorcycle from Ed’s best friend Mike!

Boys will be boys

The Bad: It was a really quick trip with no time to see his family or friends out there… Other than the one afternoon we spent with Mike.


The Bad: We got a call from Ed’s sister telling us that his mom had stage 4 lung and liver cancer that had probably spread to her brain also.  There was nothing they could do for her. Thankfully we were on our way back California in the big truck anyway and we work for some truly wonderful people because once we got to California the truck was shut down for 4 weeks while we spent time with Nita.

The Good: We spent time with family and friends and most importantly we got to spend time with Nita.


The Sad: Nita passed away on December 7.

It was 21 days from the time we got the call to the day she passed. They were the fastest, longest days of my life.

The Bad: Exactly 21 days later, as I was driving down off a mountain in California, at the end of my 10 hour shift, I got a call from my Mum.

“Don’t panic” she said “but I am in the ER. I had to call an ambulance last night because the meds didn’t stop the pain in my chest.  Can you call our neighbor to feed the dogs?”. Don’t panic she says!!  The DOGS she is worried about!!!  Geeezzzeezzzz

12 hours later we were just finishing a dinner that Ed made me eat I got a call from the cardio ICU nurse saying that Mum was resting comfortably and her surgery was scheduled for the next morning. “What surgery!!??!!” What’s going on?” Well, long story short, Mum had a slight heart attack which caused the calling of the ambulance, and then another, much larger heart attack, that day in the ER, prompting the need for a triple bypass. I arrived at the hospital not long after Mum had gone into the operating room. 6 hours later Mum was out of a surgery that had gone from 3 bypasses to 5. That’s right. 21 days after we lost my mother-on-law my mother had quint-bypass surgery after a massive coronary.

The Good: Nita didn’t suffer much, Mum is recovering and we got to spend Christmas in Maine with a day with my Dad n My Betts and a day with “our” kids and our granddaughters. (OK… let me explain the “our” when it comes to Ed’s kids.  I was raised by 3 parents the did not believe in the word step.  My brothers and sisters are my brothers and sister. Not my half brothers and step sisters.  Therefore Ed’s children are mine, not my step children, in my heart they are mine… same goes for the grand babies… go a head… mess with my kids and find out how mean a mama bear can be… No mater that they are all adults.  Those “kids” know that I will be there for them come hell or high water just like their Mum and Dad.)

Yep 2011 pretty much sucked!!


2012 has started out much better. I spent January at home with Mum as she made a full recovery with only a bit of a lingering cough. We ended up not going on our second cruise. Ed went out on the road without me which he has only had to do twice in the past and that sucked but, I found Pinterest!

Ed made sure that February was turned into Valentines Month instead of making just the one day special!!!!

March started off on a high and low note that I can’t tell you all about yet but we did get to go see Jeff Dunham!!! That was sooo fun!! I just love Peanut!!!! I also finished a few projects and took lots of photos to show you.

Now that I have reviewed the past year I won’t worry so much if I mention “that trip to get the bike” or the month we spent in California, if I do mention something that makes you scratch your head, just shoot me a comment and I will do my best to explain!

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I love my bartender!

Oh no!!! Honey!  I havent had a drink all day long and it’s almost 10pm!

I say in Faux amazement, in the hopes that hubby will mix me a drink.

5 minutes later…

Now thats a glass of champagne

Is that what I think that is?

I say in amazement

Its Asti

Says the most amazing bartender in the world!

Just in cause you missed how wonderful my hubby is…  Today we went shopping.  4 Hours of shopping!  We had a blast!!  We went to the Health Food Store and found all kinds of fun stuff, We went to the Dream Shop or Honda of Russellville as most people call it then off to the Dollar General!

When we got home I realized How amazingly out of control my studio is.  I knew it was bad but My God!  You are not going to believe it when you see the before and after pictures in the next few days.  I am still working on getting the 2011 year in review post out of ever note.  I have tried putting it into Word then onto the blog… Still no luck… I have a few things I am going to try tonight but I just wanted to shout from the roof tops that…

I love my bartender!!

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Ok… I am sorry about all of the Facebook notifications but I am still learning here and something weird just happened that could really suck. I started using Evernote to write my posts thinking I could sync them up with my lap top when we are home and just cut and paste them over to WordPress but it didn’t post right. Took that one down then tried to paste the html code that I had copied and here is a shock… that didn’t work either. Now if this post works and displays correctly I may cry. Trying to find a way to post either from my phone or from my laptop is becoming more of a pain in the ass than I expected!!!



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I haven’t Blog Faded so soon!

Hey All!!

We are back home again and I just wanted to pop in and say Hi!  I haven’t forgotten about the blog!  I have actually been working on several posts and planning some new projects!  I am in the middle of this project now but I need to try it again to see if I can get my oven to work with me instead of against me.  Sigh…. Oh well I am having a blast making things and planning projects and even… dum dum dum….. cleaning out my studio in preparation for a massive make over!!! (O.K. … and because it became so dang stuffed with stuff that I couldn’t move or hear myself think in that room!!!)  I even dug out my big camera!!

The first post that I am going to get to you is all about my life in 2011 and I think the Photo I am adding tells the worst of it but not the whole thing… Once my phone finishes syncing with Evernote I will get that post to you… O.K. … maybe it will be tomorrow or the next day but It is on the way… really!!!

It sure do!


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