I Knew It Wouldn’t Last!!

31 Mar

Just a quick note to let ya know that I changed my theme again and haven’t figured out how to upload my own header (which is ready to go!) from my phone. I tried to stay away from blue this time but I just can’t seem to help myself! I thought tan would be a safe bet but…


I know the buttons look a bit silly with the tan background bit the header has a tan background too so I am hoping it won’t look so silly once the header is up too.

And when might that be you ask…

Well I seem to need my laptop to fix this mess and it is at home because the screen decided to up and quit on me.


We will all just have to wait untill we head to the house at the end of the second week of April or I need to start doing some seriouse hubby pestering!! Let the pestering begin!! LOL!

You all know that I just can’t have a post with out a photo so here ya go! (another Pinterest find). I thought this would be fitting because I am a bit of a perfectionist and I am trying not to let this half done change drive me nucking futts!

Take a damn breath and relax!

Take a damn breath and relax!

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