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I Knew It Wouldn’t Last!!

Just a quick note to let ya know that I changed my theme again and haven’t figured out how to upload my own header (which is ready to go!) from my phone. I tried to stay away from blue this time but I just can’t seem to help myself! I thought tan would be a safe bet but…


I know the buttons look a bit silly with the tan background bit the header has a tan background too so I am hoping it won’t look so silly once the header is up too.

And when might that be you ask…

Well I seem to need my laptop to fix this mess and it is at home because the screen decided to up and quit on me.


We will all just have to wait untill we head to the house at the end of the second week of April or I need to start doing some seriouse hubby pestering!! Let the pestering begin!! LOL!

You all know that I just can’t have a post with out a photo so here ya go! (another Pinterest find). I thought this would be fitting because I am a bit of a perfectionist and I am trying not to let this half done change drive me nucking futts!

Take a damn breath and relax!

Take a damn breath and relax!

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More Testing, Blogs I Read & Such


I haven’t posted in a few days because we are back on the road and I am still trying to figure this blogging thing out.

What I am learning about now:

The best way for me to write a post when we are away from the corners.

When I found the app Blog Maersto, by the folks at, I thought I found the perfect app but as I was using the app I found a couple If things that I wasn’t impressed with.

1. My auto correct didn’t work. I care about my readers too much to write without any sort of spell check!

2. One feature I did really like was the ability to add photos and headings as well as paragraphs of text. The problem? There was no way to move things around. If you forgot that heading or decided that this photo belongs up one paragraph… You are were of luck.

I went to the website, asked questions regarding move things around and turning on the auto correct, and promptly put it all out of my mind. Guess I am going to have to look and see if I got a response.

I am working on finding a work around now. To do this I am going to write half of this post in Word using my Docs To Go app and the other half in Pages. Just to see which I like working with better or if I am going to go hunting for a new word procsesing app. (oh dang… wouldn’t that just be horrible!)

Word, Pages, and Maestro

Word, Pages, and Maestro

What I am reading now:

Blogs blogs and more blogs. OK listening may be a better word than reading. Did you know that the iPhone has the ability to read to you? I love my iPhone. It takes a bit of setup on my part but I can get my phone to read to me all night long while I am driving! That means I can keep up with my favorite blogs! Here are just a few of my favorites:

Iheart organizing

One Good Thing

Crunchy Betty

Addicted 2 Decorating

7th House on the Left

Her New Leaf

But I have got to tell you about one blog that I have fallen head over heals with.


You see Karen isn’t a “one trick pony” as Grammy Nason used to say. She sews, she quilts, she crafts, she cooks, and she blogs. Best of all she tells us all how she does it! !! Karen is such a generouse person! She has link party’s on Fridays where other bloggers can come and share projects that they have written out for their blogs. That way we can all explore and find new inspiration and ideas. She is also starting a “Find a Friend Friday” where you can link to your blog and others can come and see what you are all about. I can’t wait to explore more blogs!! I also put a link to this blog there so if you are coming over from Sew Many Ways, HI!!!! Leave me a comment and let me know you were here and I’ll come visit your blog if ya have one and we will see if we can make this work the way Karen thought it would!

I finally got caught up with my “reading” last night and ended up adding a couple of new boards to Pinterest. One was My Favorite Blogs and another was…. Crud… Let me go look… This could take a while… Pheww.. In and out of Pinterest in under 30 seconds! Ok. So I just added the one board but I did add 22 new pins! Now all I have to do is go thru all of the posts I have “stared” and add them to my boards! Now that’s going to be a project!

Pinterest, blogs and apricot lips

Pinterest, blogs and apricot lips

While away from the corner:

Well, as I said, we have been on the road for a bout a week or so now. It gets really hard to keep track of time out here. It becomes hours to get to the delivery instead of Monday or Tuesday and as for the days of the month that becomes days till we go home.

We left the house and stopped in Colby Kansas to do some grocery shopping, (big box stores drive me nuts but at least some W-marts have truck parking!) made it to our delivery in Tooele UT (right out side of Salt Lake City) then went down to Cedar City UT and got a room for the night.

Next afternoon we picked up Easter flowers on Newcastle UT and delivered them to Riverside CA the next morning. Then we ha to get the air shute fixed in our trailer then go get it washed out AND make 2 citrus pickups. The last pick up put us “over gross” which means we weighed more than the 80,000 lbs. aloe we’d by law so we had to go back and have them take a pallet off the trailer.

Then it was my turn to drive! After being up all say and doing all of that it was no wonder I only made it 100 miles before I stopped in Tahatchapi CA and went to snuggle the hubbs. At some point I woke up in Essex CA. Ed drove to Kingman AZ. Where we got to do a bit more grocery shopping, I did my mile and a half walk in the truck and did come cleaning, then I had to go to work. Sounds like anyone else’s typical day huh? I drove to Moriarty NM (just east of Albuquerque ). Made it 500 miles! Yeepee! I woke up in Tucumcari NM where we are having a flat tire fixed! Ahhh the life of a truck driver!

Around in circles

Around in circles

Well it is just about nap time for me. Next time I will tell you about how I cook in the truck and maybe even about one of the projects I have finished. I have a camera full of photos of the projects I have done since I started thinking about doing this blog so I guess I should get to writing about them!

Oh!!!! I have a question for you other bloggers out there. Do you upload all of your photos to WordPress or Blogger or is there another way to do it? I keep getting photos that won’t load. Thanks for any advice!

Amy U.

(I really need to come up with a cool signature!)

P.S. it looks like I will be shopping for a new app. Even using my awesome Notebooks app is a bit of a pain. Any ideas??


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I think it’s done… but I have thought that before…

I think it’s done… but I have thought that before…

Ok… I think I did it!

I think I like the layout of the blog. I like the style of the Icons.  (and it’s a good think I do cause I made them myself!) I love the header picture.  The only thing I am not sure of is the Header font format and color.  For the life of me I could not remember how I changed the post title font color so instead of continuing to mess with it I just changed the header font color.  I think I got it to work  I would love to know what you all think!!  Thank you for any and all feedback!

And just because I haven’t had a post yet that didn’t have a picture here is one that I scoffed from Pinterest


Doesn’t he just look like the happiest person on earth?

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What I came up with and How I used my iPhone 4 and FX Photo Studio to to it all

What I came up with and How I used my iPhone 4 and FX Photo Studio to to it all

Ok… Here is what I came up with…. All done on my iPhone with the FX Photo Studio App.  Now all I have to do is figure out which Twitter Icon I want to use… they are all cute!



This app seems to be able to do everything I need a Photo Editing app to do.  Image

Just open the app and choose where you want to get your photo from.


Crop it if it needs it then pick Choose…


choose +FX


Pick your effect…


Make any adjustments you need and hit apply



click Save…


choose where to save it.  I chose my camera roll because the photo stream would transfer the pix to my laptop faster than email.


And Boom! There it is!  A few more clicks and its posted for the whole world to see!  Well ok.. all 3 of you that are reading this at this point.  Hi Mum!!


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Narrowed it down to 3 styles

From This:


To one of these



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Testin some Icons I made on my iPhone…

Ok, I changed up a bunch of icons that I found around the web… they were all listed as free so I am really hoping I am not going to get into any trouble for this.  I am putting them all in this post so I can see how they look with my theme… and I might change that too… LOL  





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Sterling Lace and 2 Dirt Roads

What are you going to do with all the stuff you are making? Asked the hubby of the craft crazed wife…

Wow! I had to do some quick thinking that day!

“Ummm… I’m going to sell it all in my Etsy Shop!”

Oh dang!! Do I still have an Etsy shop? I thought as I scrambled to my computer.

Phew!!! There it is! It was still there.

All of my listings were long expired. I couldn’t remember what I still had in stock, what I had out on consignment, what had sold and what I had decided to keep for me, but the bones of the shop were still there.

Sterling Lace Creations


Between getting sick and taking about a year off, changes in PayPal and my website hosting company, and the way silver prices have skyrocketed, Sterling Lace Creations is in quite a mess and here I am wanting to start new projects… Sigh. Ok so one thing at a time.

I am not going to stop making my jewelry! I just need to get over my material “snobbyness” and find a different way to make it. I may go with a different medium all together! I have always wanted to play with glass.

I am going to go through my inventory and move all of it to my Sterling Lace Etsy Shop. I will keep the domain name and just forward it to the Etsy shop, that way I don’t have to scrap all of my business cards! But the Sterling Lace site will go away.

That site took me a year to build and almost burnt me out. I hated every minute of it. Mostly because I put to much pressure on myself to make it perfect. I ended up spending more time tweaking, tweeting, and FaceBook updating than I did making jewelry! Then I got sick and it all when to…

From The Corner Of 2 Dirt Roads


Ok, so, Sterling Lace Creations is moving to Etsy, but what about the original question? What to do with all the new stuff I make from all of the great ideas on Pinterest?

Some of the things I make will become Christmas presents and some will become decorations for my home but the rest WILL end up in an Etsy Shop!

One of the biggest problems I had with running Sterling Lace as a business, aside from the website, was the bookkeeping. I hate paper work. I tend to over analyze everything. It drives me nuts!! So to save myself the aggravation, I am just going to pick a price and run with it. I told hubby I was going to sell everything for $5, but I will have to see how that goes. I can’t sell something that cost me $.02 to make for $5 just like I can’t sell something that cost me $100 to make for $5. I will come up with something! This time it’s not about making a profit though. This time it’s about Learning, Laughing, Loving & Creating!

Some of the things I need to think about and would love to hear some feedback on are:

Should I start another shop just for From The Corner Of 2 Dirt Roads and keep the Sterling Lace shop just for jewelry?

Is there even a way to set up catigories on Etsy so that I could have 2 different product lines in the same shop?

Do you have an Etsy shop? How do you have your products set up?

Is there a better place to set up a shop? I do not want to spend a lot of time on the shop. I just want to slap some pictures up, add a link to the blog post and a price and be done with it… If it sells it sells if it doesn’t oh well!

I hope you are having a great day and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Amy U.


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